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Individual Healthcare
Administration and

CompuMed helps individual in healthcare planning, acquisition and information. We provide individual with access to healthcare and 24x7x365 call centre assistance. To assist in planning and decision-making, we make available individual’s lifetime health records and provider locater.

Corporate Employee
Health Benefits
Administration and

CompuMed administers and manages employee health benefit schemes on behalf of employers whilst allowing the latter to focus on their core business and strategic matters. The employees and eligible dependents are provided with access to providers, call centre services, medical advisory and personal lifetime health records. The employers are provided with administrative services, which include membership and claims administration and access to reports.

Third Party
Administration (TPA)

As a leading healthcare administration and management BPO provider, customers can leverage on CompuMed’s technical skills and competencies, competitive advantage and economies of scale in managing their insurance schemes and/or employee health benefits plans. Our TPA services include membership administration and claim settlement.

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