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Health Care Access

Our clients and members are provided easy access to our extensive network of healthcare providers that provide primary, secondary and tertiary care, and other health facilities and services. The 2,000 plus healthcare providers and partners are located throughout Malaysia to ensure our members are not more than 30 minutes away from medical attention when in need of one.

Our panel GP clinics use our standard protocol provided through our web based outpatient management system application known OmSys. The hospitals, specialist centers and other healthcare facilities use our recommended universal standard forms and processes. Both the protocols for panel GP clinics and hospitals are guided by best practices such as International Classification of Diseases (ICD).

Jointly with our healthcare providers, we are committed to provide the best health caring experience and customer services to our clients and members.

Medical Advisory

Unsure of what to do or where to go for medical care? Call us. Our call centre customer care executives are trained by our medical professionals to provide you with assistance and basic healthcare FAQ advice at any time of the day, 24x7x365.

For a more personalized attention, our in house doctors are also on hand to advise and help you make a learned decision. For complicated cases, we will refer to our medical review committee for advice.

As a healthcare and customer centric organization, we are focused to provide you the best medical advisory services that include:
  • Healthcare acquisition advice
  • Medical investigation
  • OSH advisory
  • Quality assurance and benchmarking
  • Wellness and preventives

TPA Services

For our corporate clients we provide third party administration (TPA) services which include membership and claims administration and management.

Our intelligent CompuMed Healthcare Information and Management System (CHIMS) helps register and maintain individual member’s information, lifetime health records and medical plan. The information is vital and will come handy when doing healthcare planning and acquisition. The same information will also become invaluable for healthcare practitioners such as doctors and the healthcare providers such hospitals and specialist centers when providing medical attention to patients.

We process claims from healthcare providers for visits made by our members. Claims processing includes registration of claims, verification of claims against members’ benefit plan, approval and payment. With our database, we able to do benchmarking of claims and help our clients better manage their healthcare expenditure.

We conduct timely and regular reconciliation of Statement Of Accounts with the healthcare providers to eliminate disputes and variations.

Knowledge and

Our intelligent CompuMed Healthcare Information and Management System (CHIMS) is homegrown, developed and proprietary owned system that integrates the front and back ends of healthcare delivery chain.

We give access to our panel healthcare providers a web-based application for membership verification, medical information and claims submission. The providers are also able to extract reports and view information that is related to them respectively.

Our CHIMS assists corporate clients improve their employees’ morale and productivity. We provide members with access to a web-based system for them to their life time health records to review visitation history, update personal information, personal entitlement, medical expenditure, etc.

For our insurance clients, amongst the benefits of CHIMS include easy healthcare access for policyholders, improved claims administration efficiency and data integrity, quality assurance and benchmarking of healthcare service level and cost.

Care Factor

At CompuMed, we are committed to personal touch and humanized customer service. We are customer centric and our Call Centre is the hub of our customer servicing. It is opened 24 hours 7 days a week 365 days a year and manned by professionally trained customer care executives.

When our members need hospitalization, we assist by making it more pleasant by ensuring fast “cashless” and hassle less admission and discharge. Our long-standing good relationship with our panel providers and healthcare partners enable us to attend to and provide solutions to members in need of challenging medical attention and emergencies. Our issuance of guarantee letters at specialist visitation and admission, and payment notice at discharges are reputed to be amongst the fastest.

On behalf of our corporate clients, we provide delivery services of flowers or get well card to their employees when admitted, and SMS notification services to inform employers of admissions.

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